10 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica that Will Fascinate, Educate, and Excite Anyone Planning a Trip to This Beautiful Country

Costa Rica is situated in Central America. It is a very culture rich country. Costa Ricans love food and music. It has a tropical climate which also forms part of its exotic nature. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and everyone should visit it at least once. When you travel to Costa Rica, you should know the following:

Ticos and Ticas – Costa Rican women are called ticas and the men are called ticos.

Media naranja – Media naranja is what the men call their partners. It means ‘the other half of their orange’.

Machetes – Machetes can be seen everywhere as almost all of the men always have one on them. They are used to fix everything.

Volcanoes – Costa Rica has more than 121 volcanic formations. Seven of these volcanoes are active. The volcano Arenal is one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world.

Biodeiversity – 10% of the world’s biodiversity can be found in Costa Rica despite the small landmass.

Marriage – When Costa Rican women get married they keep their maiden names. They never change their last names to their husband’s.

Country pride – At 7:00 every morning, all the radio stations in Costa Rica play the national anthem.

Wearing shorts – Despite the hot climate, wearing shorts was seen as disrespectful until recently. If you were in shorts, some buildings would not allow you to enter.

Ice cream – You will find interesting and weird flavored ice cream in Costa Rica. Flavors like goat cheese, sour cream, and peanut are just some of what you can expect.

Hummingbirds – The country hosts over 52 species of hummingbirds.

These are just some of the many interesting and beautiful things that you will find when you visit Costa Rica. It will be a trip you will never forget.

5 Types of Traditional Costa Rican Dishes that You will Love but Didn’t Know Existed and Cannot Pronounce

Every country and culture has their own love for food and their own unique recipes and meals. Costa Rica is no different. When you visit there, there are 5 types of food you must try. Some people don’t like strange foods, but it is part of the adventure. We’re pretty sure that you will love them once you’ve tried.

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Gallo pinto. This dish basically consists of rice and black beans. Some variations add fried or scrambled eggs. It is considered a breakfast meal but is often served all day.

Ceviche. The ingredients for this dish include tilapia, cilantro, lime juice and vegetables that are finely diced. Ceviche can be found in many other Latin American countries as well. The way different countries and restaurants make the dish differs.

Plantains. When you first see this, you will think that it is a banana. It is similar, but in Costa Rica, they eat it differently. They cook it and serve it as a side dish for Gallo pinto and other meals. Another version called tostones uses plantains but they are twice fried. Tostones look and feel more like homemade potato chips.

Tres leches cake. This is a dessert dish that can be found all through Central America. Tres leches cake means three-milk cake and that is exactly what it is. Several different kinds of milk are poured over the cake. The kinds of milk include sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream.

Casado. This dish is similar to Gallo pinto because it also consists of rice and beans. The difference is that Gallo pinto mixes the rice and beans and Casado doesn’t. Casado is served with different options of meat and seafood. Other variations may also serve plantain, tortillas, cabbage, or cheese.

If you have never heard of any of these foods, it is time to book your trip to Costa Rica. You will love their cuisine and learn more about their culture at every restaurant or food stand. All of these dishes sound really good to us. We might just go there again!

Volcanoes to Treehouses: 5 Breath-taking, Unthinkable and Absolutely Luxurious Places to Stay When you Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful and versatile country. It is rich in culture and biodiversity. When visiting, there are many options for accommodation. You can live on a working farm or stay in a fancy hotel. It all depends on how you want to experience Costa Rica and all it has to offer. We have compiled a list of places that will be wonderful to stay at.

Finca Bellavista

This place might be the childhood dream come true you have always wanted. Why? Because you will be staying in a treehouse. Yes, you read right – a treehouse. Finca Bellavista is treehouse community and each treehouse is owned by different individuals.

Kura Design Villas

This is another beautiful location. It is perfect for people who love the beach. Kura has access to seven different beaches. Every room in the hotel has its own terrace and there is also a rooftop lounge and saltwater pool.

Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort

For complete relaxation, you want to go to Tabacon There are natural occurring hot springs in which you can swim. Tabacon is situated at the base of a volcano and that is where the hot springs come from. It also has a lovely spa to help you relax and unwind.

Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn

This lovely inn is also a working farm. You can stay on the working farm and hike through the lovely and calm hillsides. The facilities are very luxurious and even include a hot tub and a spa. They also offer activities like ziplining, volcano exploration, whitewater rafting, and guided hiking tours.

Arenal Observatory Lodge

If you like some adventure and volcanoes, this is where you want to stay. This lodge is the closest you can go to an active volcano and be safe. Activities here include hiking trails along the lava flow. You can also explore Arenal’s younger sibling volcano that is less active.

Just writing about these places makes us relax. They all sound amazing and we think we need to take a very long trip to Costa Rica and go stay at all of them.