Costa Rica On is a blog all about this lovely country. We love this Central American country, its culture, heritage, and natural beauty. There are many things to learn, explore and experience here. From the lovely beaches to the exciting volcanoes. We love everything that Costa Rica has to offer.

On this blog, we aim to inform our readers of all things Costa Rica. We encourage them to visit us and give them all the information they may need. Our articles cover many helpful topics from what to eat, where to go, what to say, and where to not go. People who visit Costa Rica for the first time can be a bit overwhelmed and even get lost. We give them tips to avoid this.

We like having guest writers and other locals tell their stories and share their experiences. We have a wonderful community of readers and many of them have used our advice. They have loved visiting here and they all want to return again.

We have a beautiful country and we want the rest of the world to know it and share it with us. Our hospitality and friendly nature will welcome you and make you feel like you never want to leave.

Welcome to Costa Rica On and we hope we see you soon!